People with iPhones can now rejoice in the fact that some Star Wars cases are now available for decorating your phone with. The cases currently listed in the Star Wars Shop will fit the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS models and are made of hard plastic. The first of these cases features an image of Darth Vader on the back, and there is another with a Stormtrooper on the back.

Whilst there is another more artistic case and is a special 30th anniversary one with Empire Strikes Back artwork on it. It is however is limited to 2,000 units worldwide and will be released on September 14th (item was a Celebration V exclusive). Also exclusive to the Star Wars Shop (but listed as a Celebration V exclusive) is a Tusken Raider case - this one is also out on September 14th but doesn't currently mention being in limited supply. I'm surprised they didn't do a Boba Fett one or some iPhone 4 ones as well... maybe they will in time.