FOR SALE: 7 Part Star-Wars Saga BR/DVD Set NTSC For Sale

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FOR SALE: 7 Part Star-Wars Saga BR/DVD Set NTSC For Sale

Postby Gold Leader » Wed Apr 27, 2016 3:35 pm

Well then, it seems that I have the Invalid Disc Region to play those Star Wars BluRay's & DVD"s I bought some time ago, that are these:


All Items are new, Episode VII The For Awakens Digital HD Key was also never used.
Episode III's BR & DVD & Episode VII's Bonus BR Disc were used to test them and they too are NTSC, I never bothered opening Episodes IV-VI as they too are NTSC, so I left that one sealed.

Format of all 7 Episodes is NTSC and not PAL, so US Buyers will only have the advantage of using these.

So as that goes I am willing to trade these for PAL versions, otherwise I may have to list them on ebay, or just sell them here.
PAL & NTSC need to be replaced with something universal, this is just plain stupid imo.

My Location is The Netherlands , I had hoped my computer's BluRay player could run these, sadly that is not the case, that made this a loss.
The total price I paid for these was 90 Euro's incl shipping from USA to NL, thus that is what I am willing to sell these for incl shipping

I do Ship World Wide, but I also accept trades for PAL versions of this same set.

Accept Payments via PayPal PM me for details.
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