Meet Keylan Farlander's Slayn & Korpril Blade Wing Fighter

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Meet Keylan Farlander's Slayn & Korpril Blade Wing Fighter

Postby Gold Leader » Sat Dec 10, 2011 11:33 pm

Hey everyone :)

Remember this one I bought in berlin a few weeks ago:

Well it's Pilot: Keylan "Lucky" Farlander arrived a few weeks ago, and now I had the time to make good pics of him in his own Blade Wing Fighter which I used the Vintage Collection B-Wing for and with that I made the following images :)

Here the rear view of Keylan's Blade Wing with it's canopy opened:

And here the other side, still have the canopy opened and there you can see Keylan "Lucky" Farlander in the cockpit :)

Here a closeup of the cockpit module, which can be used as an ejection module, thereby the Pilot can safely land it without leaving it, which is still a secondary option if this life saver doesn't make it:

Here the front view of Keylan's Blade Wing also Cockpit opened mode:

Cockpit closed from a top view:

Cockpit opened and a good closeup of the ejection module plus the detail of the part that allows the body of the starfighter rotate around the cockpit in full 360 degrees:

Same part with cockpit opened:

Here the pics of this Blade Wing with the rest of it's Squad:
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