Seeking other Y-Wings

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Seeking other Y-Wings

Postby Gold Leader » Thu Apr 07, 2011 4:55 pm

Hi all :)

As most of you know I'm a true Y-Wing nut :mrgreen: , so yeah I am always on the lookout for more Y-Wings I have not obtained yet, but since there was a Red Colored BTL-B in Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 02 Episode 18 to 19 with that Zillo Beast adventure, I was like hey that's a cool look'n BTL-B! I wonder if that one will be made as an elusive BTL-B Y-Wing Bomber by Hasbro?

Here the red BTL-B I mean:
Image Image Image
Image Image

Just like they did with that BTL-S3 from Gold Leader with the red paint markings, which is this one:
Image Image Image

So thereby I wondered if there will be any new Koensayr BTL-B Y-Wing releases, like the ones with the Red Squadron Color scheme :)

Seriously I would not mind getting me one of these either, since this isn't the lead plane, but one of the Red Squad units flown by the Clone Pilots 8-)

And maybe there were other color schemes for other sqauds as well such as Gray, Green and Blue Squad.

Now this thing is where would I hang him, well I already have something in mind where I could hang another 4 Y-Wing's if needed to be haha, above my PC's, just let them fly at a lower altitude, as you can see plenty of space :mrgreen: :lol:
Image Image

When you really want something to happen? You can make it happen, this has always been my way of attempting such things, maybe a golden tip for you lads as well 8-)
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