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Disney plans more Star Wars spin-off movies

PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:07 am
by Buzz Bumble
From ...

Disney Confirms Stand-Alone Star Wars Films
Walt Disney Pictures Chairman and CEO Bob Iger has confirmed rumors that the studio is looking at a series of Star Wars films that will see release independent of the new trilogy and that will focus on specific characters from the overall Star Wars universe.

"There has been speculation about some stand-alone films that are in development," Iger tells CNBC. "I can confirm to you today that, in fact, we are working on a few stand-alone films. Larry Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are both working on films derived from great 'Star Wars' characters that are not part of the overall saga. We still plan to make Episodes 7, 8, and 9, roughly over a six-year period of time, starting in 2015. There are going to be a few other films released in that time, too."

Iger goes on to say that Kasdan and Kingberg are serving in a consulting capacity on J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII with Michael Arndt supplying the screenplay. Both writers are simultaneously working on new, as of yet unknown, Star Wars films.

The news arrives on the heels of yesterday's rumor that claimed the first such film would follow the adventures of Yoda. While that rumor has not been confirmed, Iger's comments suggest some truth to the reports.

You can watch a Flash player clip of Iger's announcement, courtesy of CNBC, at

Re: Disney plans more Star Wars spin-off movies

PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 9:46 am
by samsw
Yup! Just spotted this on the UKG site.

TBH I think it'll be great - lets face it if Disney weren't doing anything like this all we'd have to look forward t is EP's 2 & 3 in 3D.

Just please, PLEASE, PLEASE Mr. Disney don't do a John Carter :(

Re: Disney plans more Star Wars spin-off movies

PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 7:13 am
by Buzz Bumble
Entertainment Weekly is saying the first two spin-offs will be a young Han Solo movie and a Boba Fett movie ....

Entertainment Weekly has learned details on two of the spin-off projects: A young Han Solo saga, focusing on the wisecracking smuggler’s origin story, and a bounty hunter adventure with Boba Fett at the center of a rogue’s gallery of galactic scum.


The Han Solo story would take place in the time period between Revenge of the Sith and the first Star Wars (now known as A New Hope), so although it’s possible Harrison Ford could appear as a framing device, the movie would require a new actor for the lead — one presumably much younger than even the 35-year-old Ford when he appeared in the 1977 original.

The Boba Fett film would take place either between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, or between Empire and Jedi, where the bounty hunter was last seen plunging unceremoniously into a sarlacc pit. Exactly who would play him isn’t much of a complication – in the original trilogy, he never took off his helmet. And in the prequels, we learned he was the son of the original stormtrooper clone, played by Temuera Morrison, who’s still the right age for the part if his services were required.