Thunderbirds Are Go! ... again!

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Re: Thunderbirds Are Go! ... again!

Postby Buzz Bumble » Sun Feb 10, 2013 1:22 am

They could just use new ideas.

The problem is that there are extremely few actual creatively talented people in Hollyweird these days. They're mostly over-egoed, lazy hacks.

Of course, some of the other industries aren't much better and jumped on the same "ressurection" fad with the car industry re-doing old models (Mini, Beetle, etc.), and the toy industry dragging out old favourites (and in some cases butchering them too - the so-called "Rubick's Revolution" which isn't a Rubick puzzle at all). Of course, the comic book industry has been butchering it's own characters with silly re-boots and re-imaginings for many years ... nobody really knows who Peter Parker is or Clark Kent any more thanks to the backstory having been messed up so many times even before Hollyweird got their greedy fingers into the pie. :(

The incredibles was perfectly set up for a sequel or cartoon series.

There were a couple of "sequels" released in the gaming world and there have been rumours of a sequel movie and a TV series for a few years (either with The Incredibles or a spin-off with Frozone).

Brad Bird has said he would do a sequel movie if there was a good enough story ...
I really love those [The Incredibles] characters and if I can figure out a whole story to do I would do it. But one of the advantages that we had in the original Incredibles was that several of the characters had never really got to flex their muscles before. They were repressed, and it was about them discovering their own abilities. Any sequel to it, that particular thing — which is really a wonderful thing to be able to explore in a movie — that’s sort of gone. And so you have to find something that is equally interesting to do in a sequel.

I would not say no to [The Incredibles 2], because I really love that world and I love those characters. If I can figure out a complete thing — you know, I have a lot of ideas that I love — but the whole story, I haven’t got it yet.... if I can do that and make something that was to Incredibles what Toy Story 2 was to Toy Story, I would love to do it.
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