Episode VII gets a director

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Re: Episode VII gets a director

Postby Buzz Bumble » Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:23 pm

As I said, you've missed the point completely, but I can't be bothered going around and around the same old circle.
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Re: Episode VII gets a director

Postby old-fool » Thu Jan 31, 2013 3:14 am

Indeed, if you did, you'd have to revise your thoughts on Star Trek. After all, Enterprise wasn't the first reboot. You could say that the movies were, being significantly different from the original series, while with the same actors in the same roles. Or perhaps that The Next Generation was a reboot, after all, it had little to do with the OS. Enterprise was simply the latest, and worst, revisiting of ST, before the film involving JJA.

I do understand your point, but I find it without merit or foundation. After all, you are judging a director by his previous work for a film which is as yet unmade. If anyone, having seen Jaws or E.T., had been asked if Steven Spielberg could make Schindlers List or Lincoln somewhere down the line, I doubt they'd have said so. I accept that you haven't liked JJA's work, but you haven't seen the latest SW film. But then, if you are so set against the possibility that it may be better than some previous SW films, no problem. I tend to reserve my judgement until I've seen a film, not say several years before that it'll be dreadful.

Finally, as to originals in general being revisited, rather like the person who complains about a TV show, no one is forcing you to watch or like them. You have the option to switch off at any time. If Batman to you is the original comics and TV series, (with film) and nothing more, stick to that. I can assure you, if Batman had stayed like that, no further films, etc. wold have been made. Myself, I love the old Carry On films. They tried to make a new one, in the same style and it was rubbish. You see, time had moved on, and comedy had moved on. You can look at something with nostalgia and revel in it. But to try to keep things the same doesn't work. Even the makers of James Bond films have grasped that.
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