The legendary histories of the creation of the NJO are revealed...

In the early hours of 8th November 2006 I created an eBay community group called "The New Jedi Order". I had just started researching a book I had planned to write about Star Wars fans. My thoughts at the time being that an online community would provide me with an opportunity to interact with other fans and collectors who were willing to share their experiences, thoughts and memories. I had originally planned to run the NJO for a week... which gave me just enough time to collect the research material I needed.

After a week had passed I realized that I had collected very little research. There were only a handful of members and very few posts to read. It was pretty disappointing to be honest so I decided to thank everyone for their input and close the group down. I signed in to the group for the last time for a final read through of the posts and I noticed that one of the members "oldjedimaster01" had posted a message to me asking if I had read the email he had sent. I hadn't, so I signed into my email account to check...

Hi Gray! My name is Guy, I just read your request for details, info etc from any fans wanting to contribute to your book about Star Wars Fans. For me being a Star Wars fan started in December 1977 when my Dad took me to the premiere of Star Wars at Leicester Square. Later in life when I returned to university to study Graphic Design as a mature student (94-98) my final written thesis was about "How Star Wars has influenced the Film Industry". I had some serious problems at the time but writing about Star Wars took me back to a "more civilized time" of childhood memories. Somehow when life throws it's worst at you a little escapism can go a long way!

Is this the kind of stuff you are interested in? (I hope it is) Anyway it would be great to have a chat with you sometime. The group is a great idea by the way and I'm sure you will get many more members with similar tales to tell. I've noticed that a few more people are starting to post now. Anyway, I look forward to your reply. All the best, Guy. May the Force be with you !

I didn't actually realize it at the time but had OJM not sent me that email then I would have deleted the NJO group that night and you wouldn't have been reading this today !

Two years have passed since then and the NJO eBay community now has over a 1000 members and is still going strong. However, the community itself has outgrown eBay and this website is now the Official "Home of the NJO". More importantly, this website is also a testament to the hard work and enthusiasm of so many amazing members who have been part of the NJO story so far. It's not always been an easy journey in getting to where we are today but it's been worthwhile!

If you are a member then this is your story too... and the Force will be with you, always !!!

Grand Master Gray