by Darth Aelene

Based on the animated movie, the "Star Wars, The Clone Wars" novel is a recommended read.

Set during the raging Clone Wars, this novel takes the reader inside a devious plan by Darth Sidious, implemented by Count Dooku, to kidnap the son of crime lord Jabba The Hutt. By enlisting the help of the Republic to find his son Rotta, the Hutt lord unwittingly squirms into the plot to turn him against the Republic and open transportation lanes for the Separatists. Anakin Skywalker is unwillingly enlisted to save the young hutt, while also being given his first padawan apprentice to mentor and soon they find themselves, along with the clone troopers, pitted against the separatist's battles droid being lead by Asajj Ventress.

With her novelization of The Clone Wars, Karen Traviss once again shows us what a wonderful author she is. As with other novels such as the Republic Commando set, she creates characters that the reader can really understand and become interested in. We are once again reintroduced to Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi and learn more about these characters. We find that Anakin is becoming increasingly disenchanted with the Jedi council and Master Yoda. We see that Anakin is feeling like more of an outcast from the Jedi and unwanted by his master, Obi Wan.

In addition to the characters we are familiar with, we meet new characters such as Ahsoka, Captain Rex , and Rotta the Huttlett. As with all of Traviss's characters, you have a vested interest in these new characters. You see the development and increasing maturity of the padawan Ahoska and the unwavering dedication of clone Captain Rex and his men. Traviss also furthers her insights into the lives of the clone troopers that you find in her other novels.

In addition Karen Traviss gives the reader an interesting look inside the motivations and mind of Asajj Ventress, a character that has been in need of further development.

Overall, Karen Traviss has taken a story with a somewhat thin plot and a mixture of many somewhat underdeveloped characters and created a very good story. This novel was a good read, and I would recommend reading it to supplement the animated movie.