As an online community we decided at a very early stage to focus much of our collective energy towards helping others. A number of worthy causes were suggested and members were asked to vote on the charity that they would most like to support. The charity that received the largest percentage of the vote was MENCAP.

The NJO has now made a commitment to support MENCAP and there are many ways in which you can help, get involved and support one of our four current Charity Campaigns.

  • CAMPAIGN 1 - Raising Awareness
  • CAMPAIGN 2 - The NJO's Grand eBay Auction
  • CAMPAIGN 3 - Select, Sell, Send !
  • CAMPAIGN 4 - The NJO' "Troop for Mencap" Events
  • CAMPAIGN 5 - Pledge Your Allegiance To The NJO !

To learn more about these Campaigns please see the campaign page.

For details of the valuable work that Mencap carries out please click the link below to visit the official MENCAP website.

If you would like to make an online donation now, then please click the link below.

Donate to Justgiving: Mencap