The NJO Council is a group of twelve members who have been elected by their fellow NJOers to guide the community. The 12 members who have been elected are then given the honorary rank of "Master". Since November 2006 there have been three NJO Councils. The current NJO Council members were voted in at the beginning of November 2008 (just in time for the launch of the official NJO website).

There are two types of NJO Election, a "Master's Election" and a "Council of 12 Election". In both types of election the members who are usually voted in are the ones who are seen by many to be positively adding to the development of the NJO Community. It is not a select inner circle... it is simply a Star Wars themed way to reward the members who go that "extra mile" and have been prepared to put time, effort, energy and enthusiasm into the NJO!

The most common form of democracy within the NJO is a Master's Election.

  • A Master's Election is organised if any member of the NJO Council stands down. All members are then asked to nominate the name of a potential Master to take their place on the NJO Council. The names of all the nominees are then posted and everyone is invited to vote.
  • The member who receives the largest percentage of the vote then joins the NJO Council as a new Master.

A Council Of 12 Election is much rarer than a Master's Election.

  • If a Council of 12 Election is announced then this is due to special circumstances. When a Council of 12 Election is announced then all 12 places on the NJO Council will be need to be decided. All members are invited to the send in their suggestions as to which 12 NJOers they believe would make the strongest Council of 12. The results are counted and verified and the 12 members with the highest number of votes become the next NJO Council.
  • The current NJO Council Of 12 was voted in as a result of a Council of 12 Election. This was because it was felt by many that as we were leaving the "eBay Empire" and launching the Official NJO Website we needed our strongest Council to date. A Council of 12 that was made up of members who would continue to go that "extra mile" and help the NJO community become the "Forum Unleashed" when it was launched on the World Wide Web!