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Aug 13

Star Wars Actor Kenny Baker passes after Illness

Posted by x-wing_flyboy at 18:45

The legend that is Kenny Baker, the man who bought R2-D2 to life has passed away after a long illness at the age of 81.

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Jan 28

Rogue One News.

Posted by x-wing_flyboy at 10:33

Hi, with the all new Rogue One coming up, check out the tumour mill by following the link below.

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Oct 26

Peter Cushing Returns for "Rogue One" Movie

Posted by x-wing_flyboy at 08:30

Yes you did read the title correctly, Peter Cushing will return in the new Star Wars spin off Rouge One. ... cba1185463

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Oct 08

First Look at Force Awakens Figures

Posted by x-wing_flyboy at 08:02

First look at the Force Awakens figure line.

5 point artuculation all the way sadly

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Oct 04

New Battlefront Trailer To View!

Posted by x-wing_flyboy at 11:39

I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to this. ... y-footage/

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Apr 27

New Episode 7 Trailer Released

Posted by x-wing_flyboy at 00:01

Follow the link here to see the new Episode 7 trailer! ... ailer.html

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Jul 16

Harrison Ford Injured on Set of EP VII

Posted by x-wing_flyboy at 22:38

Harrison Ford has reportedly been airlifted to Hospital as a result of an accident during filming Star Wars Episode VII. Follow the link for more information! ... movie.html

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Apr 29

Episode 7 Cast Revealed!!

Posted by x-wing_flyboy at 22:12

Here it is, the moment we have been waiting for since 1983. The cast of Star Wars Episode 7 has been revealed and it's all good news for us fans! Please follow the link below!

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Feb 05

Star Wars Rebels - Summer Movie

Posted by jedi58 at 08:30

Disney have announced that this summer they'll be kicking off the new series of Star Wars: Rebels on Disney XD with a feature length movie. They also released a number of promotional images in the style of propaganda posters similar to those during WW2.

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Dec 17

Star Wars Collectors Cantina Closes.

Posted by x-wing_flyboy at 04:03

Sadly a fellow Star Wars forum, the Star Wars Collectors Cantina, is closing up shop to become one with the force.

The Cantina grew in the same fashion as did the NJO, from Ebay chat forum group into a fully fledged forum. As the Cantina shared then same roots and also members as the NJO we hope any members who wish to do so can join us and bring their knowledge and frienship to our boards.

Hope to see you around the NJO.

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